i know we’ve all been sort of gone lately, but i just posted the one that i’ve gotten the most asks for (sparks part 4) and hopefully that may tide all our fans over until we can get up and running again. but i strongly suggest, if you’re dying for fanfiction, that you write your own and submit it to us!

much love


Sparks: [Part 4]

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Anonymous said: Please write something soon!

i am swamped with homework/work but some ideas have definitely been churning. hang tight.

Anonymous said: ANGRY PETE SEX!


Anonymous said: Any stories soon? x

yes, hopefully very soon.

Anonymous said: I know the stories don't get a ton of notes or reblogs but a lot of people read them so keep the stories coming please, they're really great!

aw man thanks a lot. glad you enjoy em.


Can’t Explain (part 2 and final aka the sex part)

By Courtney

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Can’t Explain (part 1)

By Courtney

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Anonymous said: I'm sorry, but are you every going to write another fan fiction?

yes. i will write one today. thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said: I don't want to bother you guys or anything, or lay pressure on you, but it's just that I really enjoy reading the fics and I'm dying to read another one. I really love this tumblr! I was just wondering when the next one is coming? I understand that you are all very busy, and I respect that. But I'm just a big fan of this tumblr and I just wanted to check. Again I really appreciate what you guys do!

thanks so much! we really appreciate it. i am supposed to be working on one and i really really hope i can get to it this weekend. as for the others, i’m not exactly sure but i will do my best to have one by tonight. thanks!